Advertising on Harnesslink

Thanks for your enquiry about advertising on Harnesslink. We serve daily news to the entire harness racing industry with the majority of our viewers coming from the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. A permanent advertising presence on our website would be viewed all over the world, giving you both the consistency and international reach you desire.

It would be to your advantage to be a part of the Harnesslink community as we would make every effort to promote your business. This is a great opportunity to discuss the options we have available for advertising. Below is an outline of what we have to offer your business that would give you the best possible exposure. All advertising is exclusive of applicable taxes and/or GST.

Leaderboard Advertisement
· Centre of the homepage
· Visible at the top of each article
Sidebar & Mobile Advertisement
· Multiple slots to be viewed more often
· Visible on all mobile pages
Banner/In-page Advertisement
· Visible in the middle and bottom of each article

We are happy to discuss significantly discounted combinations of advertisements and upfront payments for fixed periods. We can also tailor a package for your specific requirements so contact us now!

For all Australian/New Zealand enquiries please contact Philip:

Philip Umbers
Phone: +64 22 169 6878

Leaderboard Advertisement

The Leaderboard ad is the largest on Harnesslink and is visible at the top of every page and just below our featured stories on the front page. It’s a great option to get your brand in front of Harnesslink’s audience.

· 1200×150 pixels
· Max size of 100kb
· Recommended to be 5 frames or less

Sidebar & Mobile Advertisement

The Sidebar ad is a small ad on every page of Harnesslink in the right hand sidebar. Harnesslink has multiple sidebar ads on each page, so a sidebar ad is the best option to maximize the amount of times your ad is displayed.

Specifications (Desktop):
· 400×120 pixels
· Max size of 70kb
· Recommended to be 5 frames or less
Specifications (Mobile):
· 311×100 pixels
· Max size of 70kb
· Recommended to be 5 frames or less

Banner/In-Page Advertisement

The In-Page ad is visible in the middle and bottom of each article page. This gives your ad multiple opportunities to be viewed while people browse our news stories.

· 800×120 pixels
· Max size of 80kb
· Recommended to be 5 frames or less


Other Information

Harnesslink can create ads for our clients. In order to create the ad we need the following information:

· Colour preferences (if similar to current website, please provide the website URL)
· Text for each frame of the ad (if animated)
· Call to action text for the click button (e.g. “Click here”)
· High resolution images of the product (e.g. the stallion or item being advertised)


Switching Live Advertisements

Advertisers on Harnesslink can switch out the ad they have currently running on for no added cost. In order to seamlessly provide this service, Harnesslink have set up an ad upload form located HERE. When advertisers already have ads running on, we ask that they use this ad upload form to switch out the ads in question.

Some of the fields on the form are not required, but we need to be provided with the following:

· The advertiser
· The new ads/files
· The new URL

We aim to have all ads changed upon receiving the submission within 24 hours, however in some cases it may take up to 48 hours. Please also be aware that we are based in New Zealand so time zone differences may mean we are unable to reply or action a request on our weekends.